Hello again
It has been some time, but other projects have been getting my attention :(. It has recently come to my attention that Red Alert can be downloaded for free now. Have a look here: Red Alert download


Again we have a new version of FreeRA. This will probably be the last update for some time. Next to lots of improvements it is now possible to play against more than 1 computer player in skirmish mode. It now can be quite difficult to win :)


We start the new year with a new FreeRA release. It can only be downloaded from sourceforge.
It has some important bugfixes so the playing experience should be a lot better.


There is a new version of FreeRA for download available. It can only be downloaded from sourceforge.
You can find it here: download


FreeRA has a sourceforge project page now :)
You can check it out at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/freera/


There is a new version for download that has a fix for freera on SuSE 10.2.

26-12-2006: New version

First of all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all :)

A new version of FreeRa is available for download. The new version doesn't need boost anymore :).

New features are:
- The wrench animation when a building is being repaired,
- The cost of a building/unit is displayed when the mouse is over the buildbar.
- The ai has been updated a little.

23-11-2006: New version

Hi again, the latest version has partial support for water based units (ships), the repair animation has become a little better, fixed talkback, it is now possible to play a skirmish game as allied player and I tried to fix some more crashes. Hope this works for you :0

01-11-2006: New version

Yes, sound works oke now!! Also this version is a little more stable than the last :)

28-10-2006: New version

Hello again, here is jet again a new version of freera. I have upgraded the ai and fixed a lot of crash bugs. Although lots of units/structures don't do exactly what they are supposed to do, the game can now be played in multiplayer (skirmish) mode. Also have I updated the faq section and the links section of the website :)

21-10-2006: New version

Yes, there is jet again a new version of freera. Now if you play the missions, you can, after winning a mission, continue with the next :). Also I have added some changes from Stuart James Urquhart for mac compatibility. (I'm in a hurry right now so I just didn't do the cursors change jet).

15-10-2006: New version

I have put a new version of freera up for download. This verion features a new inifile reader/handler and starting support for triggers. The triggers part is still really really bad but it is something :)

16-07-2006: FreeCNC continues

Since a short time FreeCNC has started up again. This is great news :).
As you might expect, we are trying to integrate some of the features from freera back into freecnc. This will take time. At least while the reintegration is not finished, I will keep the freera pages up and will keep updating the software:). After the reintegration is complete we will have to think about this again.
Also I have uploaded a new version, lots of improvements (although it is not difficult to win, the ai will attack you now ;).

26-06-2006: New version for download :)

This version has lots of improvements in the attack of different units. Also some fixes for the power bar, for some animations and the opponent has actually a different color in this version ;)

19-06-2006: Again a new version for download :)

This version supports setting your player color (in skermish).

12-06-2006: Again a new version for download

This version supports repairing and selling structures ;) Hope you like it.... Still working hard on a version that can be played in multiplayer (skermish) mode.

04-06-2006: New version for download

This is the second downloadeble version of freera. It now has support for the redalert intro movie (the vqa codec didn't work with the PINF chunk and the SN2J chunk), it has a working powerbar and the radar got a facelift and much much more ;).

26-05-2006: First alpha version of FreeRA available for download

First downloadeble version of FreeRA. This version has some improvements over freecnc. To begin with it has a little AI (not enough to really play it though), it has a starting menu with multiplayer map selection, FreeRA has working harvesters, the fog of war was fixed for RedAlart etc. etc. etc.

25-05-2006: First html pages on the server

Hi, if you can see this it means the first pages are beeing served for the new FreeRA website ;)